Lionscreed Esports Teams Up with Esports...

Esportskred is proud to collaborate with Lionscreed to build a unique Ambassador Program, connecting the Lionscreed community like never before. With this new partnership, Esportskred and Lionscreed will be developing and launching a custom technology platform which will allow creators, players, team members, brand partners, and other members of the community to interact and engage […]

  • 05/06/2023
  • ambassador program, Partnerships

Esports Ambassadors Will Offer Colleges ...

College esports programs have exploded throughout the US in the past few years. Across traditional collegiate conferences like the NCAA and NJCAA, since 2019, colleges have increasingly adopted esports into their athletic programs, with older programs dating back to 2014. Collegiate esports in North America likely began way back in 2009 with student organizations competing […]

  • 09/02/2023
  • Collegiate Esports, Esports Community

Sixth Form College Takes Innovative Step...

London, Jan 24, 2022: Queen Mary’s College, UK’s leading sixth form college in esports, have partnered with eSportskred to create an ambassador network of their sixth form students and staff members, to reach huge audiences on streaming and social channels. This will provide students with new opportunities to demonstrate their creative coursework on social and […]

  • 24/01/2022
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1Life2Play Partners With eSportskred To ...

London, Jan 11, 2022: eSportskred and Ohio’s most popular esports lounge and team -1Life2Play are pleased to announce a partnership to create and manage their extensive ambassador network. This will provide them with new monetization opportunities when working with their brand partners, as well as make the promotion of 1Life2Play’s gaming lounge very effective by […]

  • 11/01/2022
  • 1Life2Play, Esports Community, eSportskred, Social Media Sponsorship, Technology

Does Esports Have A Gender Inequality Is...

Whenever you look at the esports community at large you see a range of people. Parents trying to understand what their children are doing with their time, competitors, viewers, people in cosplay, and everything else in between.   So far so diverse – right? Well, no.  Take a look at what’s happening on stage and you’ll […]

  • 07/09/2021
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Esports Pro. Easy life. Right?…

While being a pro esports player is the dream for many, for those choosing this path, it’s a serious commitment requiring real dedication. To gain a greater understanding of the trials and tribulations faced by gamers attempting the leap from amateur to pro, our Global Director of Esports – Vicky Cheng met up with 2 […]

eSportskred Partners With Vexed Gaming T...

London, June 14, 2021: eSportskred and leading British esports organisation Vexed Gaming are delighted to announce a partnership agreement to develop and deliver a unique, multi-party, platform to source, engage with, and manage an influencer network for brand partners.  This new platform brings all Vexed’s content and influencers under a single, virtual digital environment, delivering […]