Build Your Influencer/Ambassador Network.

With Esportskred, esports teams/leagues are combining the social and streaming media of their players, creators and fans to create an influencer/ambassador network to monetize media asset on a scale like never before.

Esports fans' attention is on the players and creators, often more than the team or league they represent.

The combined/aggregated social and streaming media following of players and creators isn’t just larger than the audience of the team they represent, but far more engaged.

So team up, level up and show your brand partners what’s possible for fan engagement and how that can increase the brand value and reach.

Players & Creators Are Influential

Their audience is highly valuable to your team and your brand partners

What Do I Get With Esportskred?

Content Sharing: 2-Click Posting™

Share brand partner or team content to your own private influencer/ambassador network in seconds and track the results.

Real-Time Valuation

The Esportskred algorithm provides ongoing/simultaneous valuation of your entire social and streaming portfolio for both long term brand partnership and short term activations.

Know Your Audience, Media Value and Engagement Rate

Prove value to your brand partners with integrated audience insights and post campaign analytics to measure ROI.

How does it work?

  • 01

    Create and manage

    Invite your players, creators and colleagues to Esportskred, create your own network and grow your audience.

  • 02

    Content Sharing: 2-Click Posting™

    Instantly promote brand partners' or your own content by sharing directly with your network's social and streaming media audience, all in 2 clicks

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    Track the results

    With post-campaign analytics and comprehensive campaign intelligence, working with brand partners effectively and reporting ROI is never hard going.

Create Your Own Ambassador Network As One Scalable Media Asset

Get in touch and find out how.