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Tech to create your ambassador network: engage, manage and monetize at scale!

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Audience Insights

With Esportskred’s social audience insights, you’ll identify the most influential players while understanding their audience.

  • Performance and engagement metrics to identify the standout influencers
  • Demographic data shows the ‘where’ and ‘who’ of your audience
  • Affinity data shows you the interests of your audience, and the brands they love
  • Entirely customizable by the ambassador, player and creator or as a total portfolio

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Real-time Valuation

Know the value of your media assets and remove the headache for your commercial team with Esportskred’s valuation tools.

  • Your social media valued in real-time
  • No more contracts – just your own platform terms
  • Create a whole new sponsorship asset

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Campaign Management

Deliver marketing or sponsorship campaigns across multiple social and streaming accounts instantly

  • Filterable ambassador/player/creator selection
  • Group creation
  • Campaign preview/brief creator
  • 2-Click posting/content sharing via the mobile app
  • Private messaging and scheduling tools

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Campaign Analytics & Reporting

Save hours with real-time, automated campaign analytics and reporting

  • Track performance by ambassador/player/creator or by total campaign
  • Reach, media value and engagement metrics
  • Create a tracking mechanism with partner sites
  • Fully exportable
  • Comprehensive campaign intelligence

It Started With "Spacewar!"

But esports is growing and evolving quicker than ever before. It's time to tech up.

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