Connect with fans.

Create your own influencer network and collaborate with professional esports players/ creators at any scale.

The esports arena features some of the biggest influencers on social media. If you're not working with esports players as influencers for your brand, you're missing a huge, highly engaged audience.

It’s not just about the competition. It’s the ongoing connection with their fans.

It’s about putting your brand at the heart of their story.

Your brand partnership has so much more potential.

What does eSportskred give you?

Influencer Evaluation

Advanced audience data and campaign analytics for influencer performance analysis.

Send The Right Offers

Send offers to selected influencers and teams with confidence, as our pricing algorithm provides the correct media value of each team and player in your network.

Run Your Network

No more contracts. Just set your terms, share content and track the results.

Why work with multiple players?

Optimise to performance

With eSportskred analysis, many individual audiences, when coordinated, are not only more engaging but optimisable.

More media being created daily

There is an incredible amount of untapped media being created every day across the social media of both established, and more hopeful players.

Support the Journey

Be part of the journey of inspiring esports players and creators

So I built a network. What next?

  • 01

    Add your brief

    Drag it in or create a new one from scratch.

  • 02

    Build your audience

    Select your influencers by team, player or creator, specialism or audience type and send offers.

  • 03

    Activate the campaign

    In one touch, send content to all selected ambassadors. Each player receives (via your own branded app) and posts to social. eSportskred tracks the activity from views to clicks.

Winning is a habit, success is a choice.

Got a brief? Working with esports clients? Get in touch.