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Our platform is used by brands and agencies looking to sponsor your clients' social media. Provide your clients the opportunity to earn sponsorship money by collaborating with brands on cutting edge social media campaigns.

Players have some of the most engaged audiences on social media. They may have a large or perhaps a more modest social audience. Monetising it is easier when part of a wider team opportunity.

When collaborating with a team through eSportskred, you won’t miss a beat. You'll have valuations and audience data at your fingertips and receive and activate influencer marketing campaigns for your clients.

Your clients have an audience that is valuable to many brands.

But do you know how valuable?

What can eSportskred do for you?

Connect with Teams

Move your existing partnerships to eSportskred and save time.

Take Control

Sportskred gives agents total visibility and power of acceptance of all incoming offers. Your clients get to see the offers when you choose. All commissions and payment details are transparent.

Know their audience, know their value

Detailed audience data finesses your pitch while our algorithm updates their social media value in real-time, so you can stay on top of the value.

Sportskred on the go

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Why work with eSportskred?

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    It's free

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    Understand your clients' social media

    With valuation tools and advanced audience data.

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    Receive offers

    When working with eSports teams and leagues.

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