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eSportskred Partners With Vexed Gaming To Build Unique Esports Influencer Network Platform

London, June 14, 2021: eSportskred and leading British esports organisation Vexed Gaming are delighted to announce a partnership agreement to develop and deliver a unique, multi-party, platform to source, engage with, and manage an influencer network for brand partners. 

This new platform brings all Vexed’s content and influencers under a single, virtual digital environment, delivering effective and efficient management of their complete social presence.

Developed in 2017, the platform has been designed to help traditional athletes and sports teams to make money from their social media presence. In partnering with Vexed Gaming, eSportskred has optimised their technology for the unique environment of esports. In doing so, it enables an organisation to manage the social media activity of their accounts along with those of their players, streamers, influencers and even their sponsors.

“Building a strong social presence is essential for any esports organisation. However, it is a hugely time-consuming function that requires significant resources to deliver effectively,” said Mark Weller, Chief Gaming Officer at Vexed Gaming. “In the eSportskred platform, we have a solution that not only automates much of the repetitive work, it also gives us accurate visibility on the activities of our network and delivers key value metrics that enable us to prove our value to our sponsors.”

The eSportskred platform is the creation of an entirely new sponsorship asset built on the principle of transparency and streamlined delivery. It provides Vexed with demographic and affinity audience data, as well as all vital campaign data that clearly demonstrates the effectiveness of their activities to their marketing partners. 

Additionally, the tech provides an innovative content sharing system, enabling the Vexed team to share content on behalf of their sponsors instantly to multiple influences who can automatically upload to their social accounts via the eSportskred mobile application. 

“eSportskred is extremely focused on bringing software solutions and industry expertise to simplify every aspect of influencer management in esports,” said Vicky Cheng, Esports Global Director at eSportskred. “Teams, players, and influencers will earn the funding needed to become sustainable, while brands can quantify, justify, and enjoy the significant benefits and value of their sponsorship and marketing collaborations.”

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