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It’s Not Audience. It’s Audiences.

We’re delighted to announce the launch of eSportskred, the new division of the Sportskred Group, whose mission is to effectively monetise social media and streaming.

Based on Sportskred technology, which has been developed over the last 3 years to become a best in class influencer operating system.

The elevator pitch? 

Teams, leagues, federations, associations and sponsors can connect with millions of fans globally via the social media of their own and their players’. 

The eSportskred platform enables even the leanest marketing team to share content (either sponsored or for their own marketing purposes) across the social channels of multiple esports influencers, while managing, tracking and reporting the outcomes, from view to click. 

While there are huge numbers banded around regarding the size and value of the esports market, the fact is that many teams find financing extremely difficult and as such many will struggle to become sustainable businesses without creating and profitably managing sponsorship assets. And there is no asset larger or more effective than social and streaming channels. 

And as we’ve seen in sport through Sportskred’s client’s across a range of sports including cycling, football, rugby and MMA, the most engaged and therefore valuable in terms of brand partnership lie with the players – not the teams. 

For example,

The top 5 global esports teams (by revenue size, 1st May 2021) have an average engagement rate of 2%

Now compare that with the top 3  players in each of those teams who have an engagement rate of 15%. 

That is to say on average they are 7.5x more likely to influence fan opinion or purchase. 

This shows indelibly where marketers and media managers need to focus their budgets, and yet for many esports teams, especially the more nascent ones, coordination of these 2nd party assets poses logistical problems. 

At eSportskred, we’re looking to provide all the tools (we call it an operating system) to create a network of social media assets, value it (in real time), 

While much of the noise around esports is centred around the fact ‘it’s too big to ignore’, gaming has entered the mainstream in a way that attracts real attention and with live streaming, few things create such moments as competitive gaming. 

The members of our team reflect the convergence of gaming, media, technology and sport, in that we’re equally passionate about each (one of the more encyclopedic members of our team in terms of gamer knowledge cites the Dragon 32 as their first ‘games machine’ (look it up, it’s about as old as an actual Dragon). 

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