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1Life2Play Partners With eSportskred To Create Its Esports Ambassador Network

London, Jan 11, 2022: eSportskred and Ohio’s most popular esports lounge and team -1Life2Play are pleased to announce a partnership to create and manage their extensive ambassador network. This will provide them with new monetization opportunities when working with their brand partners, as well as make the promotion of 1Life2Play’s gaming lounge very effective by reaching audiences on a huge scale.

eSportskred technology has been optimized for the unique esports ecosystem and has been developed from Sportskred’s established technology platform. In partnering with eSportskred, 1Life2Play will bring all their players, content creators, and ambassadors onto the technology platform, creating their own influencer/ambassador network. 

The technology platform is made up of 4 functional elements. 

  • Audience insights module provides 1Life2Play with a full analysis of the audiences of the entire network of their influencers/ambassadors.
  • Real-time valuation provides the necessary benchmarks to be sure 1Life2Play is getting fair value from their sponsors.
  • Campaign management means no more spreadsheets trying to ensure a campaign is delivered on time. All the tools are there to make campaign delivery simple, even at scale when involving hundreds of influencers/ambassadors.
  • Powerful post-campaign analytics provides automatic reporting on every post from every influencer/ambassador, taking all the guesswork out of understanding the effectiveness of campaigns.

“It is key to build one unique and strong social and streaming presence as one esports organization. Nevertheless, it takes a tremendous amount of time, effort and ample resources to make it happen and manage it effectively – eSportskred’s solution automates the repetitive tasks and delivers transparent metrics and outcome reports. We are now able to run our marketing campaigns easily and prove the value we can bring to our sponsors,” said Larry Brazil, Co-Owner and CMO at 1Life2Play. 

“We are delighted to be working with 1Life2Play because we have seen the passion and enthusiasm they bring, as well as the high competence and creativity of Larry and his team. We will be working closely with them, as we do with all our customers, to ensure our future developments are aligned to their ongoing needs,” said Vicky Cheng, Global Director, Esports at eSportskred. 

About 1Life2Play

1Life2Play Gaming & Esports Lounge ( and 1Life2Play Esports Team ( ) are located in Parma, Ohio, US. 1Life2Play aims to give gamers a high-standard, high-res arcade, and modern gaming lounge experience. 1Life2Play Esports competes and hosts tournaments across various video game titles such as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Tekken 7, and League of Legends.

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